Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Artistic Taste as a Grown Geek

Fact: I am a Geek. 

Now, I’m not talking about a post-Geek Chic or ‘“Big Bang Theory” making geeks cool and acceptable’ type of geek. I’m talking about a dyed-in-the-wool, bought Star Wars action figures past the age of eighteen, worked in a comic shop for three years, read “Watchmen” long before it was a movie kind of geek. I’m not exaggerating here either. To this day I can tell you that the first two comic books I ever owned were Uncanny X-Men #326 and X-Men #45, back in 1995. They set in motion a geek love affair that would pretty much take center stage in my life for years to come. At one point I was reading around 150 different comic book titles a month, and yes……there are that many. However, as I got older and adulthood advanced (along with dreaded responsibilities), the geek in me was hidden further and further away.

I’m in my late twenties now, and I’m married, but the geek in me is still there. Admittedly, I’m still drawn to super heroes and all things Star Wars (maybe not I-III so much) and sometimes I still get the itch to hang up a Batman or Star Wars poster on the wall. I just can’t do so and still take myself seriously at this point in my life. I prefer the art on my walls to be a bit classier, and frame suitable.

Somehow, one English artist, illustrator, and animator has managed to find (for me at least) a happy medium. Liam Brazier has created a handful of pieces featuring some very recognizable super heroes and Star Wars characters, but done in such a way that not only do they not scream ‘geek’, but at first glance may not even be recognized for what they are to those familiar with the characters. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised is some not in the loop never even pick out the character images at all.

Liams geometric abstract (mosaic maybe?) take on icon characters such as Batman, Superman, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, a Storm Trooper and others manages to almost hide them within the picture as a whole. The effect sort of creates a puzzle for the eye.

Liams pieces more than meet my standards for class and frame worthiness while still allowing my geek side to play a role in what hangs on my walls, and his 18” x 24” prints are more than reasonably priced. Personally, I intend to add the ‘Dark Lord’, ‘Bounty Hunter’, and ‘Trooper’ pieces to my collection as a sort of ‘Empire’ triptych, as well as ‘Cave Man’ as a standalone piece. The rest of Liam Braziers prints can be viewed and purchased at

P.S.: Forgive me if any of my art terminology is off. I am not an art expert, and most of what I do know (or think I know) about art is self taught. Please feel free to correct me.

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  1. These are awesome. I, too, am a lover of anything "comic book", or Star Wars. I am a bit older than you, okay quite a bit older than you,--also married, and these are posters that my wife would let me put on our walls.
    Thanks for the introduction to his work.